Welcome to the Data & Reporting Center

UWS established the Data & Reporting Center in 2020, with the purpose of providing a one-stop shop for requesting both institutional statistics and changes to related software and information systems. The Data & Reporting Center is a partnership between Institutional Effectiveness and Information Systems and Technology (IT) personnel. The goal of this collaboration is to provide UWS employees with valid, reliable and timely access to key performance indicators and other important institutional metrics to encourage data-informed decision-making. 

Data & Reporting Center Services

Report Request
Employees can request a one-time report containing specific data criteria and parameters, or the creation of an automated self-service report that can be accessed regularly and securely through a password protected portal.

Examples: enrollment statistics, student demographic profiles, publicly reported data, etc.   


Data Change Request
Employees can request updates to UWS information systems to reflect updated versioning, federal/state guidelines and UWS committee decisions.

Examples: software upgrades, data governance resolutions, proposed changes to UWS data dictionary, etc.


Data Services
Employees can request assistance with process change resulting from policy changes.

Examples: NBCE score load, NSLDS enrollment reporting, business office reporting, etc.


Standard Operating Procedure Assistance
Employees can request assistance with the development or alteration of a standard operating procedure.

Examples: UWS policy changes, information workflows, new institutional partnerships, etc.

Report RequestData Change Request Data Services Standard Operating Procedure Assistance