Phone System - Call Forwarding

This article will instruct on how to set up call forwarding.


In order to set up call forwarding you must:

  • Have a UWS phone number
  • Access to the voice portal while on campus or via VPN remotely


To set up call forwarding:

  1. Go to (must be on UWS network or connected through VPN)
  2. Log in with the username and password
    1. Username: 4 digit extension (ie, 2255)
    2. Password: 4 digit extension twice (ie, 22552255)    
  3. Click on the three lines  at the top left and select Settings
  4. Select Call Forwarding
  5. Click the  sign to add a number to forward to (make sure to check Active)
    1. Make sure to put in front of your number for an outside line and a 1 if it is long distance (ie., 95032225555 or 912082225555)
  6. Select the timeout (usually 30 seconds - this is how long your phone will ring)
  7. Select how long the UWS extension should ring for first (leave at default 10 seconds)
  8. Hit Save

Note: Voicemails will deposit on your personal phone. We don't have a way to have calls route back to campus to leave voicemails on the UWS phone extension.


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