UWS Password Reset in Office 365

Self Service Password Reset in Office 365

UWS has enabled Faculty, Staff and Students to be able to reset their password in case they are unable to log into Office 365, email, webCampus, myUWS and other resources.
Upon initial log in to Office 365, you will be prompted for more information in order to complete setup and make use of this function.


In order to use Self Service Password Reset you must meet the following:

Initial Setup

1. Log into Office 365 by entering your e-mail address and password.


2. At first log in you will be prompted for more information.

3. You will be required to configure a phone number and a personal e-mail address for verification.
a. Click "Set it up now" and configure a phone number. You will receive a text message with a code to input into the site.
b. Click "Set it up now" and configure a personal email address. You will receive an email with another code to input into the site.
Note: You must use a personal e-mail address. The system will not allow you to use a uws.edu address.



Changing your Password

1. Log into Office 365 by entering your e-mail address and password

2. Select your name at the top right corner of the page and select "View account" 

3. Select "Password" on the right side

4. Input your old password and set a new password

Note: You may find the password requirements listed by checking the related articles section to the right.

Resetting your Password

1. Forgot your password? No problem. Select "Forgot my password" at the login page after inputting your UWS email address.

2. Verify your e-mail address and type in the captcha in the field and press next.
a. By default, "Email my alternate email" is selected. Press the "Email" button to receive a code and input it where requested. 
b. Select either "Text my mobile phone" or "Call my mobile phone" to receive a verification code and input where requested.
NOTE: You will be required to verify through both options.
3. Input a new password and verify. Make sure your password meets the minimum requirements
-Must be 12 characters or longer and include 3 of the following character types:
- At least one uppercase character
-At least one lowercase character
-At least one number
-At least one special character

4. Once you hit finish, you should receive a message in the image below. You can now sign back into your account.

NOTE: It may take up to 30 minutes for the password to sync across all services and allow you to access webCampus, myUWS, library resources and other university resources that require your network password. Email will be accessible immediately.

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