Popular Services

Use this request when you believe you are in the right category, but you can't find the right service.

Request service of software crashing, or not functioning as expected. Also, submit service request for general software questions.

Can't login to UWS systems? Look here for password reset, account unlock and more.

Use this service to submit a general inquiry to the Center for Teaching and Learning

This request is used for any service needed that may not fall under other services

General email issues may include: mailbox full, not receiving emails, and more.

This service is to request access to department shares on the UWS file server

Use this request when you believe you are in the right category, but you can't find the right service.

Use this service to request the creation or change of a team in Microsoft Teams for collaboration.

Technical Services (Help Desk) will retrieve asset and university owned equipment upon request.

Use this service to notify of phone or fax troubles.

This service is for requesting a replacement UWS ID badge.

Request support for computers and various other hardware and peripherals.

Equipment is available for pick up at the Service Desk.

This service is for the submission of feedback, enhancements or issues within the UWS Service Portal

Request a Zoom account for web meetings

Submit a request for a space on campus to be cleaned.

Includes ability to report an Non Emergency Repair Request because something is broken that does not require immediate attention.
NOTE: Do not use this site to submit emergency requests, please dial (503) 206-3206

This service is for requesting service and support on the copiers around campus.

Request installation of software to be used on UWS owned computers.

Request a light source be removed or installed.

Request support with scholarly research on teaching and learning, generating research ideas related to teaching, testing ideas, experimenting with new teaching methods, measuring effectiveness of existing teaching methods, incorporating educational technology for the purpose of research, and more.

Report issues accessing the VPN here

If a university space is too hot or too cold, request a temperature adjustment.

Request IT Services to move and setup computers, printers, peripherals, phone, and other technology equipment to another location.