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Includes hardware or device purchase, equipment pick up, and more

Includes software purchase, and installation requests, academic software for computer lab requests, and more.

Includes student, faculty, and staff email, departmental email accounts, listserv, shared folders, and more.

Account Info, Name Change, New Accounts and more.

Includes support for instructional technology and instructional design.

MAINTENANCE EMERGENCIES: For facilities related emergencies contact facilities directly at (503) 206-3206. All non-emergency maintenance requests can be submitted electronically at any time.

Includes Faculty requests for student support.

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This service is for the submission of feedback, enhancements or issues within the UWS Service Portal

Have issues logging into UWS resources?

Can't login to UWS systems? Look here for password reset, account unlock and more.

Request Information

Ask a general question related to technology services provided at the University of Western States.

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