Building Services

MAINTENANCE EMERGENCIES: For facilities related emergencies contact facilities directly at (503) 206-3206. All non-emergency maintenance requests can be submitted electronically at any time.

Services (9)

Cleaning Request

Submit a request for a space on campus to be cleaned.

General Work Request

This request is used for any service needed that may not fall under other services

Lighting Request

Request a light source be removed or installed.

Non Emergency Plumbing Request

Ability to report non emergency, running water or toilet leaking, clogged, dripping faucet, slow drain where water is not overflowing but contained

Non Emergency Repair Request

Includes ability to report an Non Emergency Repair Request because something is broken that does not require immediate attention.
NOTE: Do not use this site to submit emergency requests, please dial (503) 206-3206

Recycling and Trash Removal Request

Request trash or recycling removal from a waste or recycling bin located on UWS campus.

Replacement ID Badge

This service is for requesting a replacement UWS ID badge.

Temperature Adjustment Request

If a university space is too hot or too cold, request a temperature adjustment.

Still Can’t Find what you Need?

Use this request when you believe you are in the right category, but you can't find the right service.