Assessment Consultation Request


Assessment services include dean, assistant dean, program director and faculty support with:

  • Evaluating student achievement of institutional, program and course learning outcomes
  • Developing program assessment plans
  • Drafting clear & measurable course or program learning outcomes
  • Development or utilization of direct & indirect assessment methods
  • Creating appropriate performance targets
  • Providing support with reporting of outcome results and implementation of follow-up actions
  • Developing rubrics
  • Developing & managing surveys
  • Providing narratives for assessment-related sections in NWCCU & Annual University Appraisal reports
  • Facilitating assessment-related workshops
  • Ensuring continuous improvement in learning, pedagogy, curriculum
  • Managing program modules in Xitracs


Benefits to requester include stronger and more accurate assessment data to improve decision making about program and course improvements leading to improved student outcomes. 


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Mon 8/19/19 11:28 AM
Wed 12/18/19 3:03 PM